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The WNG is a membership organization of professionals dedicated to helping our WNG Members advance their business and professionals objectives by convening networking events and educational forums. Diversity is our strength. We organize our activities across six Roundtables: International, CommunicationsGovernment, Technology, Entrepreneur and Career Development and our Women's Leadership Forum. Membership is by application: Apply online.

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The WNG is a membership organization. Membership is by application. Annual dues are $90. For more information:

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New & Renewing WNG Members

We welcome the following WNG Members!

• Scott Shaffer - Covington & Burling LLP
    Manager of Financial Systems
• Kent Gring - Project Management for Change
    Director Global Operations
• Javiera Gallardo - Consultant
    (WNG International Roundtable steering committee)
• Eric Roy - Hydroviv LLC
    President & Founder
• Brian Dougherty - CQ Roll Call - The Economist Group
    Client Director
• Diane Fraser - Hoos for Change
    Executive Director (new)
• Lynne Revo-Cohen - NewPoint Strategies
    Owner, Founding Partner (new)
• Glenn Davis - MarquisLink Consulting, LLC
    CEO/Founder (new)
• Barbara Dunlavey - Fleetstuf
    Executive Director
• Donglei Ji - PNC Bank
    Senior Vice President (new)
• David Roggen - Deeper Solutions
    CEO (new)
• Ellen Conover - English Accent Tutor
    Founder, Accent Modification Specialist (new)
• Julie Kind - Kind Consults
    Managing Partner (new)
• Greg Tabb - The Genau Group Realty Advisors
    Partner (new)
• Patricia Payne - Payne & Associates
• Fernando Pagkalinawan - Integram

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WNG Job Announcements

See our WNG Job Announcements site - Highlights include:

Vice President for Global Programs
Sr. Manager, Internal Communications & Engagement
     2U, Inc
Chief Operating Officer
     American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)
Public Relations Manager
     PR Talent
Senior Public Relations Manager
     PR Talent
Director, Policy Communications
Officer, Government Relations
     The Pew Charitable Trusts
Senior Officer, Ocean Legacy (International Campaigning)
      The Pew Charitable Trusts
Director, Leadership Practice
CEO (TMC search)
     American Institute of Physics (AIP)
Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
     American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
Vice President, Executive Director
     City Year DC
Director of Marketing
     Carr Workplaces

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Strengthen Your Company
with a
Business Model Canvas

WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Arlington Economic Development
Arlington (Ballston), Virginia

Please join the Washington Network Group when we meet with Mark Haas, Founder and President of Research and Organization Management, a Washington, D.C. management consulting firm developing powerful strategies for mission-focused organizations. Our formal program is preceded and followed by time for networking.

Mark Haas
Founder and President
Research and Organization Management

The traditional business plan of the past few generations has given way to the business model, specifically the business model canvas. Used by startups and global corporations alike, the business model canvas is the perfect tool for companies to both strengthen their own business operations as well as deliver greater value to their customers. The business model canvas, on one page, clarifies and communicates simply how a business creates, delivers and captures value.

This Workshop will bring you up to speed in understanding the history, fundamentals and impact on which the business model canvas is built. We'll leave you with three ways you can directly improve your own business, and each participant will leave with a draft business model canvas for their company. Ultimately, this exercise is about making stronger companies and communities.

We look forward to seeing you on November 1st!

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