WNG Social Impact Series

About the Series:

The WNG Social Impact Series explores recent developments and specific initiatives across a broad range of related sectors and themes such as social entrepreneurship, nonprofit and social enterprise, corporate social impact/responsibility, impact investing, public accountability and governance, social impact accelerators and hubs, B corporations, talent acquisition and board recruitment in the social sector, and more. Our event formats include moderated discussion panels and ‘spotlight opportunities’ for conversations with social entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact. Through this series we intend to introduce the WNG community to change-makers and initiatives that we might amplify and extend. Come join us!
Events in the Series:

• Inaugural Event: WNG Social Impact Series :: April 29, 2021
• Food Access/Food Security Panel :: May 19, 2021
• Global Pro Bono: The Taproot Foundation Model :: June 3, 2021
• From Wall Street to Main Street - The Future of ESG :: September 29, 2021
• Impact Investing Discussion with The Global Good Fund :: October 13, 2021
• Social Impact Accelerators and Hubs :: November 2021
WNG Co-hosts:

This event series is convened by the Washington Network Group and co-hosted by four of our forums and roundtables, including the WNG Chairman's Forum, which convenes special events with outstanding leaders on compelling topics of interest to our membership; the WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable, which supports entrepreneurs who are building new organizations and businesses across a broad range of sectors; the WNG International Roundtable, which supports leaders in the international arena, including the private, public, and independent sectors; and the WNG Nonprofit Leadership Forum, which supports leaders working in the nonprofit, association, non-governmental organization, and social enterprise sectors.
Questions: Contact the WNG Office.

The WNG Social Impact Series thanks our amazing panelists and moderators - We are very grateful!


Panelist: Inaugural Event

Isis Bous

Managing Director, Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation

Panelist: Inaugural Event

Markus Hipp

Board Member & Executive Director, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Panelist: Inaugural Event

Rachael Watson

Co-Founder, Every Child Fed
bill stokes

Moderator: Inaugural Event

Bill Stokes

Founder & Chairman, Washington Network Group

Panelist: Food Access/Food Security

Mary Ackley

Founder/CEO, Little Wild Things Farm

Panelist: Food Access/Food Security

Alexandra Garcia

Chief Program Officer, World Central Kitchen

Panelist: Food Access/Food Security

Tom McDougall

Founder, 4P Foods

Moderator: Food Access/Food Security

Nazlin Bhimji

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, The Global Good Fund

Moderator: Global Pro Bono Model

Lindsay Firestone Gruber

President & CEO, Taproot Foundation

Panelist: Global Pro Bono Model

Sam Lewis

Executive Director, Anti Recidivism Coalition (ARC)

Panelist: Global Pro Bono Model

Jonny McDonald

VP Post Production, Creative Operations, Universal Pictures

Moderator: The Future of ESG

Andy Burr

CEO & Co-Founder, eCountabl

Panelist: The Future of ESG

Jennifer Cohan

Former President, Edelman New York

Panelist: The Future of ESG

Randy Shuken

CEO of Qüero Shoes and Former Head of Corporate Strategy, MasterCard

Panelist: The Future of ESG

Karen Weigert

Executive Vice President of Slipstream Inc, and Former Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago

Moderator: The Future of ESG

Andy Burr

CEO & Co-Founder, eCountabl