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WNG Member Benefits

We invite you to apply for membership in the Washington Network Group. Not only would you be affiliated with the most dynamic networking group of professionals in the Greater Washington Region, you would also enjoy the following member benefits:

Online Member Directories

Members receive a free listing in and access to this powerful tool. Our online Member Directories are a special resource. Members are able to edit their own contact information through password-protected login to our web site.

Member Discounts at WNG Events

Members receive a discounted rate for WNG events, so the membership fee becomes an investment that is recouped after attending a few events.

Member Discounts at Non-WNG Events

The WNG often negotiates a discounted rate for its WNG members at the scores of events posted on its WNG Regional Calendar.

Members-Only Special Events

Members enjoy access to exclusive networking opportunities at special events convened under its "Members Only" policy.

WNG Leadership Opportunities

Members are able to participate in the leadership of our various Roundtables and Special Interest Groups.

 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship packages are available to fit any budget starting as low as $400.


Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I receive through WNG membership?

For an overview of WNG Member benefits: click here.

Is membership automatic?

Membership in the Washington Network Group is by application and is not automatic. We invite you to apply to join the membership via the online form provided. Only completed submissions will be considered.

How long does it take for my application to get processed?

After you submit the online application form, normally it takes a couple of days to process your application. You will receive an email notifying you when your membership application has been processed.

Do I have to live in the Washington, D.C. area to be considered for membership?

Although the majority of our members are located in the Greater Washington Region, we will consider non-residents for membership.

When does my membership begin?

Although the majority of our members are located in the Greater Washington Region, we will consider non-residents for membership.

Can I pay my membership dues via invoice with a check?

Yes, but the applicant will be processed as a “Pending Member” until payment is received. Once payment is received the applicant will move to “Active Member” status.

What happens if I change jobs?

Membership is individual and transfers with you as you move through career transitions.

Are corporate memberships available, and, if so, at what rate and with what other benefits?

Membership in the Washington Network Group is conferred on an individual basis, and so we do not have a category of corporate membership. We do it this way so that our members may take their membership with them should they change affiliations, etc. However, about 50 percent of our members do have their annual membership dues covered by their firm.