WNG Chairman’s Forum on Managing Your Mind

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, the Washington Network Group convened a WNG Chairman's Forum with Madelaine Claire Weiss, who discussed with us "Managing Your Mind... Strategies for a happier, healthier, more productive life." Participants engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with our speaker about mindfulness. See our original event invitation for more details.


"It was pleasure meeting you at the "Managing Your Mind" event earlier. Just a quick note to say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" again for organizing this great workshop and introducing the WNG! I enjoyed our conversation and am very impressed by your leadership with WNG!"

- Consultant & Research Scientist at Cancer Prevention Daily (CPD)

Our Venue Partner:

Many thanks to Metro Offices Ballston for supporting the WNG as our venue partner! To explore workplace solutions with our partner, please contact Sarah Leming via email, or call 703-871-5000.


May 04 2017

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