Washington Innovation in Longevity Summit

2nd Annual Washington Innovation in Longevity Summit
Mary Furlong & Associates

​Where The Longevity Market Entrepreneur
Meets The ​Regulatory Environment

Global Partnerships in Health and Aging

Join us for a brand-new event focused on the global innovation opportunity in the longevity market. With more than 90 years of combined experience and 35 national events, we will reveal new learnings about the five key levers for success in this trillion-dollar global market. By popular demand, the first Washington DC Innovation in Longevity Summit features the topics our clients, sponsors, and the marketplace are asking for:

• Global Trends in the Longevity Marketplace
• Healthcare in today’s climate
• Social isolation in a connected world
• Cognitive Fitness
• FinTech
• Wellness and Prevention
• Regulation and Market Changes
• Learn what Canada, China, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, UK, and many more global leaders are learning about their longevity markets
• See how the dissonances of aging represent market opportunities: Hearing, Vision, Incontinence, Mobility, and Cognition.

In Washington and other global capitals, aging is viewed as an economic liability. Innovation in the booming longevity economy can create dramatic savings, and new models for thinking about aging – for state, local and federal government, nonprofit partners, and companies. Learn what these are and how they contribute to the bottom line.

Join us for another high energy, high networking event where real deals happen between investors, policy makers, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs in the global longevity market.

"The Washington Innovation in Longevity Summit hosted by Mary Furlong & Associates was a home run! Three days of many of the leading authorities on aging presenting and hosting dialogue for insights and impact on this critically important market. Attending this and other conferences by Mary Furlong & Associates garners best in class knowledge of the longevity market in the U.S." - Jim Mathews, Co-Founder and CFO, OneClick.chat


Dec 09 2019 - Dec 10 2019


9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Regional Event


National Press Club
529 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20045


Mary Furlong and Associates
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