The One Question All Salespeople Should be Asking to Grow Business Intelligently

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"The One Question All Salespeople Should be Asking to Grow Business Intelligently"

Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: Listening is a critical skill that all successful sales people need to be able to perfect. One of the best ways to become a better listener is to understand how to ask better questions. This program will help you uncover ways to become a better listener and thus, a better partner to your prospects, partners, clients and customers.

Complexity Level: Low-Medium

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High. Participants will exit the program with practical takeaways they can put to use in their selling the same day.

If you don’t listen, you can’t ask great questions. If you don’t ask great questions, you have nothing to listen to.

Googling “top B2B questions to close more deals” might get you part of the way. You’ll have a list of questions to start with; but, these aren’t the questions that get you to the heart of what’s important to a prospect or client.

These are the lead into the conversation. What gets you to the information you need, the true bias’, beliefs, thoughts and feelings of a prospect is the one question all sales people should be asking, but few do.

What’s the one question you should be asking but aren’t? It’s the redirect question. Attend this session and learn how to master this technique.

This program is critical for anyone who needs to find new opportunities.

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: The Westwood Country Club!

Join Jane and over 100+ sales leaders as they share with you and your team smart, effective and powerful strategies to find new customers and uncover opportunities at existing ones.

Jane will share with you how to get to the core of your prospects bias’, beliefs and feelings. She’ll show you:

• The first mistake salespeople make in a client conversation
• The power and process of redirection
• Why most salespeople don’t use redirection or fail at it
• The variety of applications for this technique
• What are the low-risk situations where you can practice this technique

Value to attendees:

The deck is stacked against most salespeople. Clients are well along the buying process before most sellers are engaged.

And, salespeople are fighting to differentiate themselves against their competition.

One of the most successful ways to differentiate is to elevate the level of your client conversations. Attendees will leave with:

• A revelation as to how often they fall into this communication trap
• A sense of how to create the right environment for this technique
• A technique that will elevate the conversations they are having with prospects
• A clear understanding of when and how to use this technique

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Jane Gentry has had a successful 30-year career in Sales, Sales Management, Consulting, Executive Coaching and Keynoting. Since forming her practice in 1999, Jane has partnered with her clients to improve sales/profitability, client retention, employee retention and leadership capabilities.

She solves problems around people, process and pipeline and crafts solutions that include repeatable processes, insights-based sales positioning, value-based selling, bridging the gap from tactics to strategy and telling the right story. The result is better articulated value, better delivered value and a better value to your bottom line.

With continued appearances on the speaking platform at high-profile meetings from Canada to the Czech Republic, Jane addresses topics from Relational Intelligence to Inspirational Leadership to Selling Value. Audiences and clients have described her as “a woman with a vision,” “energetic” and “inspiring”.

The world’s most successful organizations have brought Jane on board, including Assurant, The Home Depot, Milliken, Philips, Coca-Cola, Leidos Healthcare, BAE Systems, Stryker, GSK, Eclypsis, Transamerica, Wellpoint and Mercedes-Benz.

Jane holds a BFA/MFA from Kent State University/ The University of Pittsburgh. She also holds a CPI (Certified Professional Innovator) distinction from GA State University. Earlier in her career she was a professional stage actress. Jane lives in Atlanta, GA.



Nov 16 2018


7:15 am - 10:15 am


$69 – $79

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Regional Event


Westwood Country Club
800 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, Virginia 22180


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