The Most Effective Business Development Strategies Right Now with Carl Grant

IES - Institute for Excellence in Sales presents:

"SALES GAME CHANGERS LIVE: The Most Effective Business Development Strategies Right Now with Carl Grant"

Business development has changed thoroughly over the past few months.

What worked then might not work now. In-person events are on hold and for how long, no one knows.

Every meeting is virtual. So how do you succeed today?

Business still needs to be developed and the top BD professionals have adjusted and are making it happen. Relationships need to be developed but differently.

Carl Grant practically invented modern-day business development and has been leading the way during the pandemic. He'll share how on this week's webinar.


Carl Grant leads Cooley’s business development team firm wide, which assists clients in connecting with sources of angel investment, venture capital and private equity.

The team he leads also connect clients with potential management team members, advisors, independent board members, prospective partners, customers and other value-add members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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Oct 21 2020


Eastern Time
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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