Sales Differentiation: Your Secret to Winning More Deals at the Prices You Want

IES - Institute for Excellence in Sales presents:

"Sales Differentiation: Your Secret to Winning More Deals at the Prices You Want"

EARLY BIRD PRICING for this program ($10 OFF) ENDS APRIL 15!

Key Thing You Need to Know about This Program: It’s getting more and more difficult to own the sales process. Customers can get information on their own and often won’t call in the salesperson until after they feel they’ve made the right decision. The challenge is on sales professionals to differentiate themselves in many ways to win new business and grow existing accounts. Lee Salz wrote the book on this topic and he’ll share strategies on how you can stand apart from the competition.

Complexity Level: Medium

Immediate Implementation Opportunity: High. Participants will leave the program with techniques they can implement today to show more value to their prospects.

“If we don’t drop our price, we will lose the deal.”

That’s the desperate cry from salespeople as they try to win deals in competitive marketplaces. While the easy answer is to lower prices, the company sacrifices margin— often unnecessarily.

To win deals at the prices you want, the strategy needed is differentiation. Most executives think marketing is the sole source of differentiation. But what about the sales function of the company? This commonly neglected differentiation opportunity provides a multitude of ways to stand out from the competition.

Most salespeople can’t change what they sell to distinguish themselves from competitors. They can’t make it redder, bigger, or rounder. Yet, every salesperson has an opportunity to differentiate themselves with how they sell. From prospecting, to concern handling, to buyer engagement, there are several ways in which salespeople can provide meaningful value – leading prospects to buy from them instead of the competition.

Based on his new book Sales Differentiation, Lee Salz will be presenting strategies to our group to help us win more deals at the prices we want.

The IES is proud to bring Lee to Northern Virginia for his only DC-area appearance this Spring.

In this dynamic presentation, you will learn…

• Ways you can differentiate based on “how you sell,” not just “what you sell”
• Creative ways to open doors with prospects
• How to provide meaningful value by helping buyers shape their decision criteria
• That buyer objections aren’t obstacles, but rather sales differentiation opportunities
• How to turn requests for references into ways to stand out from the pack
• The irrefutable, most powerful differentiator every salesperson possesses

Doors open at 7:15am for breakfast and networking. Note the location for this program: Westwood Country Club!

Program Schedule:

7:15am-8:05: Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:05am-8:15am: Introductions
8:15am-10:00am: Lee hits the stage
10:00am-10:15am: Raffle and Photos with Lee
10:15am-10:45am: Networking (Optional)

Join Lee and over 100+ sales leaders as they share with you and your team smart, effective and powerful strategies to find new customers and uncover opportunities at existing ones.

EARLY BIRD PRICING for this program ($10 OFF) ENDS APRIL 15!


Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist and CEO of Sales Architects®. A recognized expert in sales differentiation, he works with senior executives and business owners across all industries helping their salespeople win more deals at the prices they want.

Lee is a frequently sought-after keynote speaker and consultant on sales differentiation, sales force development, hiring, onboarding, com­pensation, and other sales performance topics. He’s also an award-winning author of several books including Hire Right, Higher Profits, the #1 rated sales management book on Amazon for 2014.

A featured columnist in The Business Journals and a media source on sales and sales management, Lee has been quoted and featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC News, and numerous other outlets.

In addition to Sales Architects, Lee created The Revenue Acceler­ator®, a sales onboarding and enablement technology firm that struc­tures and automates the onboarding experience for salespeople. His en­trepreneurial background gives him a unique insight into the challenges executives face during growth phases.

Originally from New York and New Jersey, Lee spent ten years in the Washington, D.C. Metro area and now lives in Minneapolis with his wife, three children, and two dogs.

Lee is a championship powerlifter and a graduate of Binghamton University. When he isn’t helping his clients with sales force develop­ment, you can find him on the baseball field coaching his kids.

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May 03 2019


7:15 am - 10:15 am



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Regional Event


Westwood Country Club
800 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, Virginia 22180


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