Leading from the Front: Lessons Learned in the Military and Applied in Business

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"Leading from the Front: Lessons Learned in the Military and Applied in Business"

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Leading from the Front: Lessons Learned in the Military and Applied in Business

Team of Teams, Extreme Ownership, and Leaders Eat Last. These New York Times bestselling leadership books all reference the culture and practice of leadership found in the U.S. military. OODA loop, LDRSHIP Principles, Character & Leadership Development (CCLD), and small unit leadership are all formal practices taught by military organizations and hacked by their organizational leaders charged with implementing them in real life scenarios. Leading people and solving problems often requires a creative approach that deviates the textbook norms.

We’ll explore how leadership experiences gained by serving in the military have helped grow companies and lead people from the perspective of small, start-up and large businesses in and around Arlington. We will talk to three generations of military and business leaders who apply their military leadership experience to business each day. Expect to learn the nuances of leadership practices among the different military services, how the best practices have been used in the business environment, and ideas on how to attract and leverage the experience of military veterans to improve the culture and productivity of your own company.

After the discussion, join the panelists and attendees for a casual reception.

Moderator: Fred Wellman, CEO and Founder, Scoutcomms.

Fred provides leadership in the areas of senior-level corporate social responsibility, public relations, philanthropic strategy, and veterans and military family issues. Fred is also a retired Army aeroscout pilot and public affairs officer.

Panelist: Ron Owens, Co-founder (retired), LMO Advertising.

Ron is a Vietnam War veteran, and one of the advertising professionals who worked on the first advertising campaign for the U.S. Military’s all-volunteer force (AVF) in the 1970s. Ron is also the co-founder of one of Arlington’s largest advertising agencies, LMO.

Panelist: Kevin Jennings, President, CEO and founding partner, Millennium Corporation.

Kevin is responsible for driving forward Millennium Corporation’s mission of being an industry leader in integrated business and scalable technology solutions. As a veteran who served in the U.S. Army Acquisition Corps prior to founding Millennium, Kevin spent more than 22 years acquiring in-depth knowledge of the Army’s warfighting doctrine.

Panelist: Isaac Barnes, Co-founder, Eminent IT.

Isaac has led federal software projects for 17 years at the Pentagon, Executive Office of the President, U.S. Navy, and the Marine Corps. He is a Marine Corps veteran, 2015 and 2018 Top Federal Innovator of the Year award winner, Top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs for 2019, and the Ambassador for Crystal City, VA.

Panelist: Patty Collins, Principal, McChrystal Group.

Patty designs and leads leadership development and training programs for clients across a variety of industries. Patty retired from the U.S. Army after 24 years of active duty service, having spent more than seven years assigned to Special Mission units within the Joint Special Operations Command.

Panelist: Sam Meek, Co-Founder and CEO, Sandboxx.

Sam oversees business development, capital raising, strategic planning, and team vision at Sandboxx. Sandboxx Family Communications is a company that creates lifestyle technology for military and veteran communities, as well as for their family and friends. Sam is a Marine Corps veteran.

Panelist: Jennifer Tender, Action Officer, ManTech International.

Jennifer works for ManTech International Corporation in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where she is the Action Officer for the Director. A graduate of Georgetown University, Jennifer commissioned into the Virginia Army National Guard through the Hoya Battalion ROTC program and currently serves as the Forward Support Company Commander in the 2-183d CAV, 116th IBCT, Virginia Army National Guard.


May 16 2019


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm



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