Immigration and the Future of Work

Cultural Vistas and The Miller Center present:

"Immigration and the Future of Work"

The presidential election of 2016 demonstrated that the issues of immigration, globalization, as well as the future of work and labor in the United States are tightly bound by contemporary American politics. This discussion will explore the relationship between immigration and labor in America by addressing questions such as:

• How does immigration impact the American economy and the labor market?

• What role do businesses play in managing what is increasingly seen by some as an immigration "crisis?"

• How does international talent, and specifically the Exchange Visitor Program, affect the job market for Americans? What are the benefits for American businesses? What are the costs?

• How does the future of such programs map over a complex and deeply divided American electorate—one that is preoccupied with employment, outsourcing, and the future of work in the United States?

Featured Speakers

David Leblang
Professor of Politics and Public Policy; Director, Global Policy Center
Miller Center, UVA

Chris Lu
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor, President Barack Obama;
Senior Fellow
Miller Center, UVA

Meredith Singer
Government & Regulatory Affairs Executive

Nisha Biswal (Moderator)
President, U.S.-India Business Council

Your RSVP is kindly requested by Tuesday, January 29.

This event is being co-organized by the Miller Center and Cultural Vistas. Light refreshments will be provided.

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Jan 31 2019


4:00 pm - 6:30 pm



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