Do You Strategize, Make Plans and Still Often Fail to Follow Through?

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"Do You Strategize, Make Plans and Still Often Fail to Follow Through?"

What is this inner resistance about? Is it about commitment? Is it about our technique?

Sometimes this resistance is actually a deep-seated “wound” that doesn’t allow us to follow through. Our nervous system is somehow protecting us from an earlier hurt or fear.

No matter how badly we want something - a new job, career, or relationship - these “wounds“ (which can translate to belief systems) are holding us back.

Jean will explain how to utilize NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) principles and techniques to increase our understanding of ourselves and increase our effectiveness to pursue a new job, career, or positive change of direction.

About the Speaker:

Jean L. Battersby is the founder of Catalyst Coaching and Consulting, delivering human resources consulting and professional coaching to small and medium-sized organizations and individuals in transition. For 30 years, Jean created award-winning, engaging workplaces through the delivery of best practice HR programs throughout the United States. In 2015, she launched her visionary business after experiencing her final transition out of the corporate arena.

Jean leverages her personal experience of being “downsized or outsourced” three times during her career to help others navigate through work life or personal life transitions. As a coach and mentor, she combines skills learned as a certified Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) with ontological coaching to propel clients forward to achieve success, fulfillment, and purpose. Both disciplines focus on the art of being as well as doing. This is a clear and important distinction to convey because both are necessary to achieve the results we desire.

Jean is a graduate of Texas A & M University, having received an MBA and BBA. She is a graduate of Dale Carnegie programs and is certified in several coaching modalities. Jean’s clients find her skillful, compassionate, and intuitive.

Contact the Speaker: To invite Jean to support you in your transitions, email her at She provides services through video conferencing, phone, or in-person in the Pacific Northwest. You can learn more about Jean on LinkedIn here.


Nov 09 2020


Eastern Time
10:00 am - 11:30 am



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