Discover Your Brand: How to Sell Yourself for a Job by Confidently Telling the Truth

40Plus of Greater Washington presents:

"Discover Your Brand: How to Sell Yourself for a Job by Confidently Telling the Truth"

One of the toughest questions in a job interview can be: “Tell me about yourself.” What to say? What NOT to say?  It’s important to be able to describe what you do and the benefit a company will get by hiring you. When you’re out in the world and someone asks, “What do you do?,” can you answer confidently and simply?

In this interactive presentation, Maggy will:

• Explain what a “personal brand” is and walk you through the anatomy of a brand in an elevator pitch, and what all the parts of it mean, and
• Give live coaching to help you connect with your Superpower.


Maggy Sterner is a branding expert, business coach, speaker, and writer. She helps small businesses find the essence of what they do — their brand — then find the words to describe it simply and clearly.

Her mission is making sure the words you use connect powerfully and truthfully with the people you’re trying to reach so they can understand what you do and and how you help them. Maggy believes your brand is what you stand for and what you stand for is your brand. When you know it, own it, articulate it, watch the magic happen.


Mar 11 2019


10:00 am - 11:30 am



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Regional Event


1627 K Street NW (Suite 300)
1627 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20006


40Plus of Greater Washington
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