Creativity in Sales: How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

IES - Institute for Excellence in Sales presents:

"Creativity in Sales: How to Get a Meeting with Anyone featuring Stu Heinecke"

Every Friday join IES Cofounder Fred Diamond as he presents a world-class sales thought leader to sales professionals, to help them grow their sales efforts.

Fred is delighted to bring Stu Heinecke, the author of one of the most important sales books of all-time to his Big Stage.

Every advancement in our sales careers happens as a result of getting meetings and making connections. That need to connect is never more critical than it is for sales professionals, who must quickly source prospects, referral partners, and customer champions. But getting those meetings is never easy so there must be a better way.

In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, author Stu Heinecke introduced the world to Contact Marketing—a fusion of marketing and selling in which often audacious methods are used to create connections with the people who can change the scale of our careers, businesses and lives.

Heinecke will share actionable ideas, tips and strategies, as well as a few inspirational stories of Contact Marketing campaigns. Among those is the sword campaign that generated a 100% response, the $28 Facebook contact ad that generated a $20M result (and a 69,500,000% ROI), and Heinecke’s own use of his cartoons (he’s also one of the WSJ cartoonists) to create breakthrough results.

He'll address:

• Focus on the people who can change your scale
• Always impart extraordinary and surprising value in your outreach
• Human-to-human connections are paramount; the goal is to create “I love the way you think” moments


Dubbed by the American Marketing Association the “Father of Contact Marketing,” Stu Heinecke is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, twice-nominated hall of fame marketer and author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone and Get the Meeting. How to Get a Meeting with Anyone was recently named one of the top 64 sales books of all time, while both books are listed as among the top 50 sales books for 2020.


Jan 08 2021


Eastern Time
11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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