Business Insights: What Types of Contracts do You Need for Every Stage of Your Business?

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC-NCR) presents:

"Business Fundamentals Part 1: What Types of Contracts Do You Need for Every Stage of Your Business?"

What stage of business are you in – development and launch; growth and expansion; or exit planning? In every stage having the right type of contracts in place can make the difference in whether your organization thrives, navigates new opportunities successfully, or goes out of business because of taking on the wrong type of risk.

This important Business Insights program will help you successfully navigate contracts - and give you the opportunity to interact with key experts who can bring ongoing value to you in growing your consulting business.

Join the Institute of Management Consultants and FH+H Law Firm as we discuss the type of contracts your business will need at each stage. PLUS, you’ll learn essential cues for proactively planning your next stage of development.

Panelists from FH+H Law Firm:

Milton C. Johns, Esq., Partner
Jack L. White, Esq., Partner
Cheri Bennet, Esq., Partner


Carla A. Fleming, CEO and Founder, Pivoting Strategies

Date:  May 14, 2019
Time:  11:30 am – 1:30pm

Location:  1751 Pinnacle Drive, Suite 1000, Tysons, VA
Fee:  $35

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May 14 2019


8:00 am - 11:30 am



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Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)
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