Sipa Sikaulu

Sipa Sikaulu
Director, Client Services
Kivu Consulting

Northern Virginia, USA


MemberWNG International Roundtable Steering Committee
MemberWNG Technology Roundtable Steering Committee

Sipa Sikaulu is Director of Client Services at Kivu Consulting. Kivu combines technical and legal expertise to deliver investigative, discovery and forensic solutions worldwide. Kivu's digital forensic investigators are experienced in protecting organizations against compromise of data, theft of trade secrets and unauthorized access to data. Previous to Kivu, Sipa was Director of Client Advisory Services at TruShield Security Solutions.

Sipa has been involved with the Washington Network Group since 2001 and served on the WNG International Steering Committee since 2008. Additionally, he serves on the WNG Technology Steering Committee. Sipa's international business background includes successful managerial experience with start-up and turnaround operations in Europe, in addition to the U.S. He has successfully led business development, sales, consulting, client management and project management efforts in Washington, D.C., Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sipa has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an International Executive MBA in Cybersecurity.