Edgar Ndjatou

Edgar Ndjatou
Founder & Principal
Officium, LLC

Washington DC, USA

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Member: WNG Entrepreneur Roundtable Steering Committee
WNG Seminar Presenter: "HR Basics for New Small Business Owners"

Originally from Cameroon and raised in New York City, Edgar Ndjatou (ja-too) is passionate about creating workplaces that value fair treatment, trust, and open communications. Edgar also embraces change and the opportunity it brings, which helps him connect with individuals dealing with difficult career obstacles. Before founding Officium, Edgar practiced employment law for nine years, including co-managing his own law firm. As an employment lawyer, Edgar represented employees, in the federal, nonprofit, and private sectors, in all phases of administrative proceedings and lawsuits involving claims under federal, state, and local employment laws. For employers, Edgar provided advice and counsel to minimize litigation risk by ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws. Edgar’s clients included charter schools, tutoring companies, construction firms, restaurants, IT companies, and other business owners. Edgar has developed a wide knowledge base to assist a client in making competent human resources decisions or to guide a client in enhancing their personal brand. Edgar’s experiences have given him a perspective on how addressing a client’s needs involves using holistic, creative, and reasoned approaches. You can find Edgar on LinkedIn.