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Job ID : 180218.1
Job Title : Operations Assistant
Organization : Friends of the Earth (via TalentFront, LLC)
Job Location : Washington, D.C.
Company URL : https://foe.org
Salary Range :
Job Description :

Are you known for making things work? Are you the one who takes care of people and your environment, making sure that no one is left out and nothing is out-of-place? That's probably because you know that doing the job right the first time ensures that you have time to deal with all of those last minute details that pop out of nowhere and threaten to derail whatever you or your manager have worked so hard to make happen -- whether it be a meeting, a special event, or just daily life in the office. You take pride in your work, your environment, and your organization. You are considered a rockstar by the people with whom you work.

If this description speaks to you at a gut level, we want to talk with you. We are recruiting an Operations Assistant for Friends of the Earth's Headquarters in Washington, DC. Your role is critical to the smooth functioning of this important office. You take personal delight in the fact that your work provides a foundation for others to perform the important advocacy work of Friends of the Earth.

Who We Are

Friends of the Earth is working for a more healthy and just world. We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy. Our mission is to change the perception of the public, media and policy makers - and effect policy change - with impactful, well-reasoned policy analysis and advocacy campaigns that protect people and the planet. This hard-hitting advocacy has been the key to our successful campaigns over our four-plus decades in operation. Our programs address a wide range of domestic and international issues as they relate to the environment, including but not limited to: climate and energy, food and agriculture, oceans and water, economic policy and democracy reform.


What You'll Do

This job is not for everyone, but it is a perfect fit for someone who is can-do and willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done. Specifically, there are six main parts to the job -- ensuring everyone who visits our office experiences exceptional hospitality, making certain that our office is functioning and that everyone has what they need to do their jobs well, all technology is appropriate to meet the needs of a growing team including systems that gather, share, and track the information FoE needs to be successful, ensuring that all invoices are paid and processes followed ontime each and every time, overseeing board/special projects, and communications support.


* Visitors welcomed
* Mail and faxes distributed quickly and expertly
* Phones answered


* Ordering office supplies (materials, paper, etc.)
* Building and tenant relations (temperature, cleanliness, repairs)
* Maintaining and updating the operations manual
* Scheduling, maintaining, and supporting conference room use
* Maintaining office and offsite storage
* Maintaining contact lists and kitchen duty lists
* Implementing special dates (birthdays, work anniversaries)

Information Technology

* Equipment is setup (order and setup computers for all staff, troubleshooting, setting up workstations) and functioning properly
* Manage computer and equipment inventory
* Liaising with IT companies and vendors
* Working with staff to determine technology nees
* Setting up new accounts, setting up distribution lists and maintainint these lists


* Processing deposits weekly
* Processing invoices related to office management and communications (reviewing, getting signatures, etc.)
* Pulling monthly reports from postage machine and copiers, completing the monthly invoice for tenants
* Reconciling credit card accounts for organization-wide and team-specific expenses

Board and Special Projects

* Assisting with board packet assembly and shipping
* Assisting with events and special projects as needed

Communications Support

* Domain renewals
* Updating staff bios on the website


Who You Are

To be successful in this job, you must be exceptional in these five areas:

* Radical welcome: Every single person who walks in the door is welcom and ahas a smart role to play on the campaign. Volunteers especially are busy people so your job is to make them feel appreciated and that their time is well-spent.
* 100% follow-through: NO dropped balls policy. You will be required to stay on top of all specific tasks/follow-up items and general areas of work. You consistently meet all deadlines.
* Customer-service focused: You make it easy for our team to do their jobs. You view your work as supporting and providing the infrastructure that allows Friends of the Earth to advance its overall mission.
* Team player: You are eager to use your role to advance the mission of FoE and never think anything is "not my job." You look for ways to help beyond your own core responsibilities and are ready to participate in all-hands-on-deck projects.
* Action-oriented: Your bias is towards getting things done. That doesn't mean that you don't gather appropriate information first, but you drive work forward with an urgency to see results.

What Else You Should Know

We are a culture of can-do people, working in open spaces, regularly supporting each other. You will be working out of our offices in Washington, DC, which is a highly collaborative environment and could travel occasionally to our Berkeley-based office in the Brower Center.

Your salary will be competitive for the role and market and you will find our benefits to be generous - organization-sponsored medical/dental/vision care, generous paid time off, contribution to retirement, flexible spending accounts, commuter benefits, paid maternity/paternity leave and more.

We are an equal opportunity employer who encourages applications from women, people of color and other members of underrepresented groups who will contribute to the diversity of its staff. Also, please note that references will be requested during the screening process and we will ask final candidates to tackle some exercises that directly relate to the job description.

How to Apply :

To apply, please send us a resume or your LinkedIn profile by clicking on the link below. We look forward to learning more about you.

Online: https://social.icims.com/job/F... |

Req #: 1070

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