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Job ID : 180116.1
Job Title : Managing Director for Lead Generation, Business Investment
Organization : Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP)
Job Location : Flexible with Regular Visits to Richmond, Virginia
Salary Range :
Job Description :

Manager: Reports to the Vice President, Business Investment

Position Description

The Managing Director is responsible for leadership, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the lead generation team, and supporting the development and implementation of a comprehensive lead generation strategy that successfully generates results to meet VEDPís goals for leads generated, leads converted, jobs created and new capital investment.

1. Leadership - 20%

The Managing Director will successfully manage the Lead Generation team to achieve the Business Investment teamís mission, strategy and goals. The Managing Director will interact professionally, collaboratively, and strategically with all divisions of VEDP, engaging and leveraging resources and support where viable to accomplish the Lead Generation & Business Investment Teamís goals. The Managing Director will provide leadership and support as appropriate to other VEDP teams to accomplish their goals.

a. Foster a culture that is open, creative, communicative, and fully focused and accountable for delivering on the Business Investment mission in coordination with, and under the direction, of the VP.

b. Coach and develop team members. Lead by example and foster collaboration between the Lead Generation, Products, Technologies & Services, Business Retention & Expansion, and Call Center teams, and the other VEDP divisions.

c. In collaboration with VP, establish challenging, achievable performance plans and metrics for each team member. Provide clear direction that communicates goals to team members and inform external stakeholders and clients.

d. Provide appropriate staff oversight and performance management. Foster independence and appropriate risk taking as well as team interdependence and support.

e. In conjunction with VP, provide ongoing performance feedback and coaching that is both positive and constructive. Address performance deficiencies specifically, constructively, and timely; i.e., evaluate performance accurately and continually. Alert the VP when performance deficiencies are present in order to document the issue and develop work plans that specifically address the concern in a constructive manner.

f. Provide weekly updates to VP and AVP on the teamís performance, schedules, lead generation strategies, industry assignments, data integrity and project status.

g. Create employee engagement by communicating as a leader and a team player, and encouraging proactive two-way communications and ongoing feedback.

h. Promote and encourage teamwork across the Business Investment division and VEDP to ensure effective and efficient client solutions.

i. Execute effective budgets and assignments of tasks to maximize resource allocation.

j. Deliver effective presentations relevant to each audience.

k. Ensure the hiring of the most qualified staff whose backgrounds clearly show high initiative, attention to accuracy, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and acquire progressively more complex skills.

2. Lead Generation Strategy Development Ė 20%

The Managing Director will collaborate with the BI team to support the development of VEDPís comprehensive lead generation strategy using corporate intelligence, research and data analytics to target corporate prospects and site selection consultants in VEDPís target markets and industry sectors.

a. In collaboration with the VP and AVP, develop and implement an aggressive lead generation strategy targeting both domestic and international clients within VEDPís target markets and sectors.

b. Develop clear and measurable goals and objectives for all lead generation activities. Goals and objectives must include target companies, target sectors, number of appointments/meetings, outcomes of appointments/meetings, branding/promotional opportunities, etc.

c. Develop and maintain targeted account lead generation lists in collaboration with the Business Investment team members, Research and Communications & Promotions. Lists must include a clear, research-based motive for inclusion and contact information of specific individual(s) to be targeted by VEDP. Lists must be continuously reviewed for accuracy and relevancy throughout the year.

d. Understand the business drivers, key players, supply chain and infrastructure needs related to VEDPís target industries within its geographical markets. Identify key trade associations, key companies­both internal to Virginia and targeted external­and other key stakeholders such as higher education institutions, business groups and other state entities to leverage Virginiaís outreach and messaging to prospective clients.

e. Identify new and better ways to leverage Virginiaís resources, including higher education institutions, businesses, business groups, transportation assets and other state-related entities, to result in greater foreign direct investment from assigned geographical markets.

f. Identify best methods/practices for delivering Virginiaís message to VEDPís targeted accounts such as existing corporate relations/contacts, call campaigns, mail campaigns, email campaigns, executive conferences, industry trade shows, lead generation in-market missions, trade associations, etc.

g. Seek participation of private sector, regional and local economic development partners in VEDPís international marketing events. Take a lead role in collaborating activities in assigned geographical territories.

h. In collaboration with Business Investment team, Research, Communications & Promotions, and Information Technology, develop tailored value propositions for targeted accounts and all lead generation activities.

3. Lead Generation Strategy Execution Ė 20%

The Managing Director will execute a proactive and aggressive lead generation strategy by conducting call, mail and email campaigns; attending marketing missions and events; and developing client relationships.

a. Oversee the execution all tactical aspects of the strategic lead generation plan, including but not limited to conducting prospect and partner outreach, attending marketing missions and events, providing timely and relevant prospect follow-up, and coordinating with support divisions on promotional materials needs and messaging.

b. Analyze the effectiveness of and submit a Salesforce evaluation form for all lead generation activities within 10 business days of the conclusion of the event.

c. Develop strong working relationships with senior executives within targeted account companies and all assigned corporate accounts. All communications to be captured in Salesforce.

d. Put Virginiaís value proposition in front of all assigned targeted account contacts a minimum of four times annually, and capture interactions accordingly in Salesforce.

e. Identify and develop strong working relationships with senior executives, real estate directors, key trade associations, embassies, governmental organizations, affiliated economic development allies and consultants, and other key stakeholders such as higher education institutions, Virginia law firms and business groups to leverage Virginia as a business location to prospective clients.

f. Communicate with participating partners a minimum of 8 weeks prior to assigned lead generation activities about VEDPís event strategy, objectives, industry(s) overview and key messaging, participating staff, travel logistics and event tactics.

g. Be available for communication with overseas representatives and consultants in their time zone, which will include ďpre- or post-VEDP office hoursĒ and weekend availability.

4. Manage International FDI Offices Ė 15%

The Managing Director will oversee the operations and contractors of VEDPís international foreign direct investment offices.

h. Ensure the hiring/contracting of the most qualified lead generation vendors and/or staff whose backgrounds clearly demonstrate proven results, high initiative, attention to accuracy, and the ability to successfully represent Virginia in the global market place.

i. Oversee all lease negotiations and contracts development with direct input from VP and the legal office.

j. In collaboration with the VP, Human Resources, and IT, provide Salesforce user training to make certain international offices adhere to data integrity requirements.

k. Assess effectiveness of offices and monitor ongoing performance by providing weekly updates to VP on the international teamsí performance, lead generation and conversions, data integrity and project activity.

l. Execute effective budget management and assignments of tasks to maximize resource allocation. Monitor and approve all travel and expense reimbursements.

m. Be available for communication with overseas representatives and consultants in their time zone, which will include ďpre- or post-VEDP office hoursĒ and weekend availability.

5. Data Integrity Ė 10%

The Managing Director will assist the VP and AVP with the enforcement of Business Investmentís expectations for data integrity. All Business Investment team members are required to capture all client contact and communications within Salesforce and to use this tool to manage marketing campaigns, opportunity records, and client contact and follow-up. It is expected that notes will be entered into the system within 3 business days of the client interaction.

a. Adhere to Salesforce data integrity policy guidelines and usage procedures.

b. Every Salesforce Opportunity created will include a detailed explanation of what the opportunity represents to Virginia, identify the decision maker, confirm next steps to occur with deliverables/Ēto dosĒ captured by using the Task function, and entries from the Value-Add section capturing what activities the manager has performed to date.

c. Maintain accurate and current targeted lead generation list and contacts within Salesforce and reflect current status of each contact.

d. Log all client interactions into Salesforce within 3 business days of client contact or return to office (calls, e-mails, meetings, etc.)

e. Utilize the Task function in Salesforce to manage workflow, action items and follow-up requirements.

f. Lead the coordination of information flow among the project team and the appropriate regional and/or local partners. Notify appropriate stakeholders within 2 business days of any change in a project status, including the elimination of properties that were under consideration, unless the client specifically requests a delay in notification.

g. Assist Executive Assistant(s) by providing pertinent information to complete trip planner at least 2 weeks prior to planned international or domestic travel. Manager will seek approval from the Business Investment VP/AVP for any lodging costs exceeding Runzheimer estimates prior to finalizing the trip planner. When unplanned travel arises, submit travel approvals prior to departure. Submit an electronically generated expense report in an accurate and timely manner as outlined in the VEDP Travel Regulations.

6. Community Engagement & Knowledge Ė 10%

The Managing Director is expected to be knowledgeable about the communities and regions of Virginia to support VEDPís project management, lead generation strategy, industry-based marketing efforts, and strategic plan.

i. Be able to fluently communicate VEDPís key strategies and messaging to all Virginia communities and regions.

j. Be knowledgeable on targeted industries, local assets, sites and buildings, workforce development programs, and other economic drivers within each locality and region.

k. Develop strong working relationships with relevant staff in all local and regional economic development offices.

l. Participate in familiarization tours with regional economic development organizations at least 8 times annually. Within a 24-month period, Managers are expected to visit every region to learn their unique assets, target industries and value propositions. The same expectations for the 24-month visit schedule and familiarity with local asset and targets applies to those localities that are unaffiliated with regional marketing organizations.

m. In direct collaboration with the Business Retention and Expansion team, develop strong working relationships with senior executives within key / targeted companies a Virginiaís regions.

n. Share learnings from visits through data input and team development. Distribute information to relevant internal VEDP stakeholders in a timely manner.

7. Collaboration & Project Management Ė 5%

In rare circumstances, the Managing Director is expected to take a role in project management between the client, assigned industry team member and Virginiaís communities and regions to ensure timely communications and move projects forward. The Managing Director will make certain the lead generation team adheres to the Virginia Economic Development Partner Protocols.

a. Be proficient in state incentive programs, infrastructure, environmental and taxation issues to appropriately respond to client inquiries.

b. Be responsive to all client inquires, meeting deadlines 100% of the time.

c. Adhere to the client communication requirements as projects move through VEDPís Project Stages (Potential Lead Ė 90 days, Info Gathering Ė 60 days, Active Ė 30 days)

d. Conduct or attend prospect visits professionally, observing agendas and schedules.

e. For projects receiving VEDP-managed incentives, submit all required documentation for Project Review and Credit Committee (PRACC) review by each Friday prior to next PRACC meeting including financials, details around local incentive offerings and draft of incentive memo.

f. Exercise constant collaboration and coordination with local and regional partners on prospect visits.

g. Strategically leverage the senior leadership of VEDP as well as the Governorís office to support projects appropriately. Each team is responsible for submitting 2 Salesforce Opportunities for Governorís Call each week.

VEDP Operating Principles

· Provide the best possible quality service and value to all customers, both internal and external. Do what is reasonable and sometimes unreasonable, to ensure each customerís needs are met.
· Consistently do the right thing. Show sensitivity and empathy to / for others; respecting the dignity and rights of every individual. Develop the trust of customers / allies by consistently acting fairly, honestly and responsibly in all matters.
· Communicate verbally and in writing with clarity, accuracy and consistency.
· Ensure that everyone integral to a given project or process, regardless of division or structure, is fully informed.
· Understand that we must work together, irrespective of our role within the organization, if we are to achieve the required results. Recognize that each individual must contribute to the team to remain a member of the team, and act accordingly.
· Strive to perform every task in a superior way. Plan and organize work so that the highest priorities are addressed first. Analyze problems to determine causes and offer sound solutions. Exercise sound judgement daily.
· May be required to perform other duties as required.
· May be required to assist state government generally in the event of an emergency declaration by the Governor.

Job Qualifications

· Ability to work constructively and effectively in a team environment by making positive contributions to the teamís operations, functions and working relationships.
· Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of sales, business development and marketing.
· Demonstrated ability to aggressively sell and close deals, while effectively providing client support.
· Considerable knowledge of project management and direct client support.
· Experience developing and implementing a sales and marketing plan on a global level. Knowledge of foreign business practices and sensitivity to foreign customs and cultures.
· Demonstrated problem solving capabilities in a business environment.
· Excellent verbal and written communications skills, including strong ability to make group presentations.
· Demonstrated proficiency in using multiple software packages with Microsoft Office in a Windows environment preferred.
· Ability to use computerized databases for project management.
· Working experience in an economic development environment preferred.


· Bachelorís degree in marketing, business administration, economics or related field, and a minimum of 10 years of relevant economic development experience or executive management experience with an emphasis on sales and marketing.

Special License

· Valid Virginia Driverís license
· Valid US Passport

How to Apply :

Interested? Contact John Elink-Schuurman via email at JElink-Schuurman@yesvirginia.org. Indicated that you read about the position on the WNG Job Announcements site.

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